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What is the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning?

The Internews Center for Innovation & Learning supports, captures and shares innovative approaches to communication through a global research and experimentation agenda. The Internews Center for Innovation & Learning is therefore a hub for sharing innovative approaches to communication through global research and experimentation.  We strive to bring local expertise to a global audience to catalyze information exchange. 

Why a Center for Innovation & Learning?

The center was founded in 2011 to support, capture, and connect local experts with global audiences to connect more folks with more information.  Over the past 30 years, Internews has promoted independent media in more than 75 countries worldwide, fostering the ability for people around the globe to connect, be heard, and provide news.

The last five years have brought unprecedented change to the global media environment—leading to a dramatic evolution in how people access, produce, consume, and share information. From the rise of the mobile phone as a primary tool for gathering and disseminating information to the availability of vast quantities of data, these new dynamics in the media environment demand exploration, collaboration, and experimentation. 

We strive to deepen and enhance the links between existing expertise in the media world and research that can help address the challenges of today’s global media environment. We seek to provide partnership and collaboration to pilot research projects that test data, platforms, and tools to meet the needs of real-world communities.  And we don’t work alone—we rely on a network of partners, ranging from technologists to academics to activists to create and sustain a dynamic space for innovation. 

What is our Theory of Change?

Coming out of a one year long assessment process, the Center for Innovation & Learning has developped a publicly- articulated vision focused on the adoptions of two theories of change, one external and one internal. 

Our External Theory of Change

In order to advance the case that healthy information ecosystems are a root solution to furthering human progress; 

the Center for Innovation & Learning will serve as a knowledge hub that develops and inspires collaborative investigation and experimentation;

So that public and private organizations working at the front lines of human development and leaders in the communities they serve to prioritize the quality of information ecosystems in their decisions and activities."

Our Internal Theory of Change 

"In order to ignite and nurture the spirit of creativity, collaboration, and inquiry throughout Internews;

the Center for Innovation & Learning will: Make access to tools, partners, and experimental approaches easy and organizationally seamless; and 

Shape a culture that rewards collaboration, curiosity, and deep engagement within the communities we serve; 

So that Internews becomes an organization that learns by experimentation and evaluation; embraces change; questions assumptions; values collaboration; and is driven by tangible impact." 

What is Internews?

Internews is an international media development organization established in 1982. Internews™ mission is to empower local media worldwide to provide people with the news and information that they need, the ability to connect, and the means to make their voices heard. Visit