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At the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning we believe in using collective knowledge and best practices as resources to eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel. Our Innovation Advisors are constantly investigating the latest tools and innovative projects to share with the media development community through their blogs.

  • Will data be the new oil of the 21st century?

    Mobile phones and digital tools are offering incredible opportunity for developing countries to enter and shape digital economies. But how can we keep technology and development players from becoming extractive industries, so that people’s data becomes the new oil of the 21st century? 
  • What do you want to learn? What do you want to teach?

    One of the Center’s core goals is "to ignite and nurture the spirit of creativity, collaboration, and inquiry throughout Internews.” In our theory of change, the strategy to achieve this is two-fold: 1) make access to tools, partners, and experimental approaches easy and organizationally seamless; and 2) shape a culture that rewards collaboration, curiosity, and deep engagement within the communities we serve. No small order right?
  • Launching Information Ecosystems into Internews

    Every December, there is a magical week when Internewsers from all around the world descend upon Washington for the Internews Annual Conference (IAC), more affectionately known as the “December Meetings.” It is a time of incredible energy, when program staff from all around the world get to mingle and learn from each other during big group discussions, smaller strategic meetings, and perhaps most importantly, in the hallways of the office, along the lunch buffet line, during coffee breaks, or with a drink in hand at the Holiday Party.