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At the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning we believe in using collective knowledge and best practices as resources to eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel. Our Innovation Advisors are constantly investigating the latest tools and innovative projects to share with the media development community through their blogs.

  • Captricity: Releasing Data from Paper

    When Kuang Chen was conducting research in East Africa, he noticed that there was a strong appetite for data both from local organizations and donors. Yet, most data was trapped in paper files stuck in storerooms, with manual data entry as the only solution to releasing it. Wondering how the latest data technologies could be leveraged for the lowest resource organizations, Kuang created the software called “Shredder” that eventually became Captricity

  • "At the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time": Using Citizen Video for Human Rights Reporting

    Citizen video is an increasingly important tool for human rights, especially in environments that are difficult or hard to access. Yet, while many of the most compelling human rights videos are created by eyewitnesses who happen to be at “the wrong place at the wrong time,” there are still many challenges that remain with using citizen video for reporting human rights violations, including issues of authenticity, verification, contextualization, ethics, and consent.

  • Story Maps

    Geographic information systems (GIS) often has the reputation of being inaccessible, and lacking technical expertise, organizations often have a hard time creating geo-based stories. That is about to change: with Story Maps, storytelling through maps has never been easier or more engaging.