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At the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning we believe in using collective knowledge and best practices as resources to eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel. Our Innovation Advisors are constantly investigating the latest tools and innovative projects to share with the media development community through their blogs.

  • Human data and development network: a humanistic data revolution

    Since the Center was founded in 2011, we have explored the world of data, building relationships with a range of organizations working on data in a variety of guises: big, small, and open. It seems that almost any conversation on information and communication these days inevitably includes the "d" word at some point. 

    So much data-talk can be somewhat overwhelming. However, what is clear is that data will certainly be a critical element in peoples’ lives and the decisions that affect them.

  • Social Media in Emergencies Report

    On November 25th 2013 the CDAC Network hosted a 101 Seminar on Social Media for Emergencies. The Seminar was led by me and Greg Barrow of WFP, and it was hosted by Plan UK. The CDAC Network ‘101 Seminar Series’ is designed to build the capacity of members by improving information sharing amongst members and the wider humanitarian community.

  • "Catapult" - a crowdfunding platform supporting girls and women

    The creators of Catapult believe in gender equality. Unfortunately, this is far from reality for the many women around the world who live in difficult conditions.

    At the same time, organizations involved in projects dedicated to women receive half as much funding as other non-profit organizations. The aim of Catapult is to change this. With our help, Catapult aims to solve the problem of gender inequality around the world.