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At the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning we believe in using collective knowledge and best practices as resources to eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel. Our Innovation Advisors are constantly investigating the latest tools and innovative projects to share with the media development community through their blogs.

  • Death is the default

    We know when a project fails. But it's harder to know when a project is successful. Sure, there's the M&E stuff - but does anyone take notice of that? There's plenty of occasions when donors have pulled the plug on projects that look wonderful according to the statistics and testimonials by those who supposed to be benefiting. But perhaps its useful to look beyond the funder, and explore why projects fail.

  • «Do lectures» - learning from changemakers

    Each year, the organizers invite people to «Do lectures» to talk about what they do. This may be a small business or a large business, or a very strange case, but these are the stories that inspire you to get up and start doing something too - to find a cause to fight for, establish a company, invent a new product, or write a book.

  • 5 applications for journalists to visit blocked sites

    In 2012, Russia adopted a law that allows the government to block any website without a court order. For 2013, the Russian government has blocked access to 2500 wesites, including the resources that publish information about officials who have been caught taking bribes, for example.

    I believe that censorship is evil, no matter what kind of white clothes it wears. We also understand that journalists require access to different sources of information for their work.

  • The Media Map Project Redesign

    The History

    Under Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding from 2010-2011, the Media Map Project conducted research on the relationships between the media sector and both economic development and governance. The research also examined the evolution of donor practices supporting media development over two decades in six countries. The findings were many, but if we had to boil it down to a couple of quick headlines, we found: