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Governance and Transparency

Advancing the free flow of news and information on traditional and social media platforms to foster good governance.

Thinking about a Data Revolution (1/3)

There’s clearly no shortage of excitement and promise about the ways that big data can be applied to meet the world’s challenges. This “Data Revolution” – as declared by the United Nations, the World Bank and many others – provides an unparalleled opportunity to rethink how we approach innovation and social impact. Often described as the “new oil” of the global economy, data has the potential to more effectively include, engage and ultimately impact all facets of society.

User friendly local budgets: a dream or reality?

The "Open Budget Initiative” aims to find a way to inform local communities about municipal budgets, and tell citizens how they can influence authorities’ decisions about the allocation of public funds.

Captricity: Releasing Data from Paper

When Kuang Chen was conducting research in East Africa, he noticed that there was a strong appetite for data both from local organizations and donors. Yet, most data was trapped in paper files stuck in storerooms, with manual data entry as the only solution to releasing it. Wondering how the latest data technologies could be leveraged for the lowest resource organizations, Kuang created the software called “Shredder” that eventually became Captricity

How can you visualize local budgets?

This question occupied minds of 15 Ivano-Frankivsk (Western Ukraine) activists, who took part in the 2-day workshop on April 3-4th. The training is part of the Initiative “Open Budget” implemented by UNDP and Internews in Ukraine. The participants were of different backgrounds, i.e. public activists, journalists, CSO workers and employees of state financial department.

Ukraine: visualizing and analyzing municipal budget

The goal of this pilot is to support at least three municipal communities in Ukraine in designing effective digital tools for budget visualization and analysis, sustaining them over time and ensuring effective collaboration between the municipality, local journalists, and civil society to ultimately make municipal budgets, as well as the decision-making process, more transparent and participatory.


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