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Internet and Telecommunications Initiatives

Building, enhancing and advocating for a globally open internet.

Thinking about a Data Revolution (3/3)

Challenges, Opportunities and Responsibilities: Part 3 of 3

The Data Revolution and the Importance of Information Ecosystems

Tackling the assumptions that shape the “big/open data” narrative takes courage. Does “open” or “big” data actually make a meaningful difference in the lives of the most vulnerable? Do these terms genuinely influence what people think and consequently guide how they might act? Who knows? Regardless, we need the means to start asking these questions.

Thinking about a Data Revolution (2/3)

Challenges, Opportunities and Responsibilities: Part 2 of 3

Towards Inclusion: The Need for Human-Centered Design Approaches

It might seem logical that the majority of data-centric conversations start and end with technical discussions of raw data. In practice, however, raw data isn’t truly that useful to most individuals. It’s only when we use data that it transforms into knowledge, informs decisions and truly makes an impact. It is, therefore, the how, why and where data are and could be used that matters most.

Thinking about a Data Revolution (1/3)

There’s clearly no shortage of excitement and promise about the ways that big data can be applied to meet the world’s challenges. This “Data Revolution” – as declared by the United Nations, the World Bank and many others – provides an unparalleled opportunity to rethink how we approach innovation and social impact. Often described as the “new oil” of the global economy, data has the potential to more effectively include, engage and ultimately impact all facets of society.

First Mile Geo

First Mile Geo is an innovative new platform that helps researchers create surveys and visualize data in a way that facilitates the discovery and analysis of trends on the ground. The site is free and situated as an online cloud-based platform, which allows it to be accessed by numerous users from anywhere in the world in a variety of languages.


Design thinking draws on methods from fields like engineering and design, and combines them with the arts, the social sciences, and the business world and therefore leading to creation of prototypes.

New Research on Innovation Labs

The very first pilot experiment that The Internews Center for Innovation and Learning supported was a Social Innovation Camp in Bosnia, in 2011. Following the Bosnia Social Innovation Camp, Internews held a number of similar events in different countries during 2011, 2012, and 2013. Some of these events were called Innovation Labs; others were called Camps. All of these events shared much in common with the first Bosnia Camp, with some variation in structure, goals, and outcomes.

New research examines training of digital security trainers

How do digital security trainers who work with human rights activists and journalists improve their skills, connect with a community of peers, and keep abreast of methodologies and best practices? What are the key needs and challenges?

Inspiration and Project Goal

This pilot is inspired by an innovative multi-dimensional training workshop that was delivered to a group of journalists from Myanmar.


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