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An integral component to the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning pilots is the accompanying research that measures success and failure. A research agenda is developed in conjunction with every project at the Center in an effort to produce information that can be used and adapted by practitioners throughout media and development communities and beyond. Understanding why something does or doesn’t work is the cornerstone to learning and advancing our mission of understanding and catalyzing the information exchange.

  • Mesh-Casting News in the Port Harcourt Waterfronts

    The Internews-sponsored Mesh-Casting pilot project is unique in the field of mesh technology in that it is free and open source, making it widely accessible. The Mesh pilot project builds on the work of the Serval Project, which has pioneered the development of open source software to create autonomous mesh-based voice and data networks among Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones.

  • Exploring Citizen Journalism for Rural Indonesia

    To help improve the flow of information among marginalized communities of West Kalimantan Indonesia, where large palm oil companies wield tremendous power, the Internews Center for Innovation and Learning initiated a three-month pilot project in September 2011 that combined the power of mobile phone technologies with citizen journalism.

  • Seeding innovation: introducing new digital tools for Social change in Pakistan

    This report describes the Islamabad Innovation Lab (IIL) held by Internews Network and Bytes for All (B4A) in October 2011 to explore and share the benefits of these technologies among new media experts, journalists, bloggers, CSO leaders, technology enthusiasts and developers. This report also summarizes communications findings from Internews research conducted before, during, and after the Lab. Funded by the Ploughshares Fund and the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning, this Lab was the first of its kind in Pakistan, and could serve as a useful model for future projects.