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  • Amanda Noonan

    Amanda Noonan is the Director of Research and Learning for Internews’ Center for Innovation & Learning. Over the past 20 years, Noonan has worked in media and communications research with InterMedia and the BBC World Service. As the Asia Research Director at InterMedia, Noonan championed and highlighted the importance of designing innovative and appropriate research techniques and strategies to capture maximum insight and understanding of individuals and communities activities, motivations and behaviors. As a communication specialist, Noonan is particularly interested in studying the impacts of new technologies on the information flows throughout different communities and groups.  This includes groundbreaking research and analysis word of mouth (WOM) networks as a crucial source of information and the role new technologies can play in amplifying this phenomenon. Noonan is based in Washington, DC.

  • Anahi Ayala Iacucci

    Anahi Ayala Iacucci is the Senior Innovation Advisor for the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning. Before covering this role, Anahi was for 2 years the Media Innovation Advisor for the Africa Region, Health and Humanitarian Media, covering Central African Republic, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Republic of South Sudan and Haiti. Anahi Ayala Iacucci holds a Master degree from Colombia University - School of International and Public Affairs, a BA in International Affairs from the University of Bologna and a Master in Human Rights from the University of Padova. Anahi has consulted for NGOs and international organizations on the use of the ICT4D, new technologies and crisis mapping, and namely UN OCHA Iraq Inter-Agency Information and Analysis Unit, Alliance GuineaFreedom House, the World BankUshahidi Inc., NDI and The Popular Engagement Policy Lab. Anahi is currently also Expert Advisor on Mobile Technology for The Popular Engagement Policy Lab and sits on the Board of Director of the NGO Freedom Connect. Anahi is also the Co-Founder and Advisor of the Standby Task Force, and a member of the International Network of Crisis Mappers. Anahi is the author of the official Ushahidi Guide and co-author of several articles and publications on PLoS Medicine and ACSM Bulletin on Crisis Mapping and Disaster response and Crowdsourcing. Anahi has been recently named by the Diplomatic Courier to the 2012 99 Under 33 list, as one of the 99 under 33 most influencial foreign policy leader in the Innovators Category. 

    Etc. Anahi is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French.
  • Mark Frohardt

    Mark Frohardt is Senior Vice President for Research, Learning & Design. Frohardt has worked for years on the rapid delivery of life-saving information to populations after natural disasters and instability. His focus is the gathering and sharing of expertise on humanitarian media – including the use of information tools such as crisis mapping, crowd-sourcing and mobile technologies – to ensure that local media can communicate better with disaster-affected communities. For twenty years prior to joining Internews, Frohardt's career in humanitarian relief had him working around the world, including: coordinating health services for refugees on the Thai-Cambodian border; working for Doctors Without Borders in Chad and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Sudan and Somalia; assisting with the repatriation of Kurds into northern Iraq after the first Gulf War; consulting in Sarajevo during the Bosnian war; and managing UN human rights field operations in Rwanda following the genocide. Since joining Internews in 1999, Frohardt has provided important leadership as Vice-President for Africa, and Health and Humanitarian Media, and continues his work promoting and implementing life-saving information systems in areas that are affected by natural disasters, armed conflict and social upheaval.

  • Sam de Silva

    Sam de Silva has had a long ongoing engagement with online media, and has practical experience working across digital and video production, print and audio. He also has a  technical grounding and is familiar with digital security, CMS configuration and basic server administration. Sam can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. He has made a number of short documentaries and can handle a camera and operate Final Cut Pro. Sam has worked with Internews in Sri Lanka (2008/2009) as a project director for EU-funded project and in Afghanistan (2011) as a digital media advisor.He was a sessional lecturer at the University of Melbourne, setting up and running the Online Journalism subject from 2003 to 2005. Sam has also worked as a Marketing Manager for a professional association in Australia (2010). Sam has a Bachelor of Computer Science (1992) and a partially completed Bachelor of Arts degree (1996) from the University of New South Wales (Australia).

    Etc. Sam has partially completed a Master of Arts degree (2005) which he will attempt to complete again when he has some spare time.