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ArcGIS is a suite consisting of a group of geographic information system (GIS) software products produced by Esri. ArcGIS includes the following Windows desktop software: ArcReader, which allows one to view and query maps created with the other ArcGIS products; ArcGIS Desktop, is licensed under three functionality levels: ArcView, which allows one to view spatial data, create layered maps, and perform basic spatial analysis; ArcEditor which, in addition to the functionality of ArcView, includes more advanced tools for manipulation of shapefiles and geodatabases; or ArcInfo which includes capabilities for data manipulation, editing, and analysis.

(from Wikipedia page of ArcGis)

Key Features: 
data visualization and analysis
Suitable for: 
analysis of large quantity of data and static visualization
Time commitment: 
High: the software needs to be installed and customized on a server. The desktop one it is easier but still needs a lot of technical expertise to be used
Not suitable for: 
small datasets and real time data visualization
Technical expertise needed: 
High: knowledge if GIS is required to use the software
Cost considerations: 
ArcGis is not free and not open source. The price of the different products associated with the software are around 4000$