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Basecamp is a project management tool for tracking website development, design or setting up convergent newsroom remotely. Basecamp tackles project management from an entirely different angle: a focus on communication and collaboration.  In a recent customer satisfaction survey, 98% of Basecamp customers surveyed said they would recommend Basecamp to their friends, family, and colleagues. Users can also manage Basecamp projects on mobile phone and iPad. Basecamp mobile is especially made for popular mobile devices like iPhone and Android. No apps are required to use it.  The system allows for multiple users to work on the same project, upload files, share the same calendar, seding messages to each other and see what the rest of the team is doing.

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Key Features: 
project management
Suitable for: 
Project management for large number of people when everyone has access to the Internet
Time commitment: 
To set up the system it's easy and fast - around 10 minutes
Not suitable for: 
Offline documentation tracking or repository
Technical expertise needed: 
Cost considerations: 
Base camp accounts allow you to choose the account according to how many projects you need to manage and data storage needs