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Keeping up with the ever-changing technology can be a full time job. ICIL makes the job a little easier by providing an index of tools that are helpful to the field of media development. You can search our selection of tools by selecting tool themes, topic areas, searching key words, or just browsing through.

  • BlogTV

    blogTV began in June 2004, in Israel, and was a pioneer in the webcasting industry. Its goals were to supply anyone and everyone, with internet access, a way to express their talents & ideas to the world and to socially network with people face to face. In 2006 blogTV expanded and opened its Canadian equivalent, After seeing great success in Canada, was officially launched in June 2007 to America and the rest of the world.

  • Blurb

    Blurb is a tool that lets you create a photo book. It's ideal if you have the intention of selling the end result. The photo book can be created using Blurb's online tool, or by downloading an application for Mac or PC platforms. There is also a plug-in for Adobe Indesign - for those who want more control over design detail.

  • Brightcove

    Video delivery and monetization platform to any video device. Basically consists of two products: Video Cloud and App Cloud. Easy to use and cloud-hosted the service allow to create video cloud in minutes. It's also easy to create your own YouTube channel or iPhone applocation that will stream video from the cloud. Most of video files are huge, but built-in video encoder trascodes video in the right size for each particluar devices. It's interesting that one of possible options is streaming video content to Facebook Page from the cloud.

  • Captricity

    Captricity webpage

    Captricity is a web-based service for digitizing paper documents that contain human-entered or other unique symbolic data. Whether it is a two-page survey filled out by 300 people or 20,000 forms in a foreign language, Captricity can digitalize the data and make them available in an excell spreadsheet without having to enter them manually one by one. 

  • Cartographica and LoadMy Track

    Cartographica is a Cocoa-native Geographic Information System (GIS) for the Macintosh and LoadMyTracks is a program for loading GPS information from GPS receivers to the Macintosh. Both siftwares are created by Clue Trust, a consulting organization and independent Internet Service Provider, located in Northern Virginia. Cartographica is designed for people who need to work with geospatial data to create maps, analyze data, convert between formats, and discover new information about data and the world in which it exists.