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Keeping up with the ever-changing technology can be a full time job. ICIL makes the job a little easier by providing an index of tools that are helpful to the field of media development. You can search our selection of tools by selecting tool themes, topic areas, searching key words, or just browsing through.

  • FrontlineSMS

    FrontlineSMS is an award-winning free, open source software that turns a laptop and a mobile phone into a central communications hub. Once installed, the program enables users to send and receive text messages with groups of people through mobile phones, turning a laptop or desktop computer and a mobile phone or modem into a two-way group messaging hub.

  • GeoChat

    GeoChat is a tool for group communications based on SMS, email, and Twitter. Similar to FrontlineSMS, GeoChat has been designed specifically for coordination and communicatinos around disasters and disease outbreaks. It's a communications server that can be downloaded and installed on a computer, or hosted.

    InSTEDD, the group behind the tool, says this about it:

  • GeoCommons

    GeoCommons is a free and public version of the GeoIQ platform where anyone can contribute and share open data, easily build shareable maps and collaborate with others.Data and maps within the GeoCommons community are public and can be easily shared with other public websites and users, or embedded in other websites, blogs and wikis to be shared or can be exported via open standards. GeoCommons allows for import, export and share data and maps across a variety of standard formats such as OGC KML, GeoRSS Atom, GeoJSON, Spatialite and GeoPDF.

  • GeoFeedia

    Example of GeoFeedia mapping display
    Geofeedia is an aggregator of social media information by location criteria.  Geofeedia can be used to find publicly available, geo-tagged social media information using advanced search and map tools. The tools can be used by journalists to quickly find and curate social media content from locations where breaking news are happening. The tool also allows to find unique photos and video tagged in a specific location. Geofeedia also provides advanced API which supports ATOM/RSS, JSON and GeoRSS response formats.
  • GeoTime

    GeoTime is an award-winning information visualization software package distinguished by its 3D Time Viewer. GeoTime allows to simultaneously visualize geospatial, temporal and link data. The software can facilitate a deeper exploration of data, driving faster, more accurate conclusions and resulting in sound decision making. Integrated within a GIS platform or as a stand-alone application, GeoTime's advanced analytic transform raw data into actionable intelligence. GeoTime is a software tool that enables analysis through the visualization of complex event data.