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Keeping up with the ever-changing technology can be a full time job. ICIL makes the job a little easier by providing an index of tools that are helpful to the field of media development. You can search our selection of tools by selecting tool themes, topic areas, searching key words, or just browsing through.

  • HandBrake

    HandBrake is free, open-source software for video transcoding, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.

    Do you have a bunch of old video files from old projects that you can't view anymore?

    • Maybe the company that helped create the files wennt out of business?
    • Are you working on a small budget?
    • Working in a remote areas without IT help?

    If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes" you might want to give HandBrake a try before you start drafting the next contract.

  • Health Map

    HealthMap brings together disparate data sources to achieve a unified and comprehensive view of the current global state of infectious diseases and their effect on human and animal health. This freely available Web site integrates outbreak data of varying reliability, ranging from news sources to curated personal accounts to validated official alerts. Through an automated text processing system, the data is aggregated by disease and displayed by location for user-friendly access to the original alert.

  • Icon Archive

    Icon Archive is an online archive of icons that can be searched and used in projects. The payments for using the icons depends on the license scheme associated with each icon, but most icons seem to be available for person or not-for-profit projects under a creative commons license.

    Icons are tagged and easy to find. The site is a great resource for web builders or for those producing infographics, or any kind of design work for that matter.



  • International Quality Short Message Services (IQSMS)

    International Quality Short Message Services (IQSMS) is a software application that uses mobile phone SMS to report data to a centralized computer server. No special software is required for user's handsets and any handset can be used. The IQSMS software application is very flexible and can handle multiple reports with any number of reporting elements. The IQSMS solution bridges large geographic distances as well as data transfer incompatibilities between partners, NGOs, Ministries of Health and other stakeholders.

  • Jimdo- website creator

    Jimdo allows people to create their own website. Anyone can share their projets and interests on the Internet, on their own website, simply and easily. Jimdo is free, and does not require knowledge of coding or server management to be used.

    Jimdo allows to people to start their an online business, write a blog, send a newsletter, add tweets, embed YouTube videos, link a Facebook Page, and embed almost any kind of widget.