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Computing Safety

Mobile phone security: an oxymoron?

The popularity of crowdsourcing projects has skyrocketed across Internews as local communities realize the potential to use mobile phones to crowdsource information on elections, human rights abuses, corruption and a variety of other critical topics. Those systems often rely on bound and unbound crowdsourcing, from a variety of actors, often including the local population, local journalists trained by Internews and local civil society groups.

Trust not their presents

If you found a USB flash drive on the sidewalk in front of work, what would you do with it? Would you take it in to work and ask around to find out if it belongs to someone? What if it had important files on it? Shouldn't you open it and find out?  Should you keep it for yourself?

Why Flame malware matters

Graphic from OpenDNS blog post: Unique insight into Flame malware

Usually when you find a virus on your computer you probably think of it as something you have to fix, but beyond that you don't really give it too much attention. You don't really think to yourself that the virus has anything to do with you. How would you feel if the virus were not only meant for you but also designed to specifically get to your personal or work-related information?

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