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New research examines training of digital security trainers

How do digital security trainers who work with human rights activists and journalists improve their skills, connect with a community of peers, and keep abreast of methodologies and best practices? What are the key needs and challenges?

5 applications for journalists to visit blocked sites

In 2012, Russia adopted a law that allows the government to block any website without a court order. For 2013, the Russian government has blocked access to 2500 wesites, including the resources that publish information about officials who have been caught taking bribes, for example.

I believe that censorship is evil, no matter what kind of white clothes it wears. We also understand that journalists require access to different sources of information for their work.

Digital Security and Journalists: A Snapshot of Awareness and Practice in Pakistan

New research reveals a widespread lack of awareness of the security risks Pakistani journalists and bloggers face in their online activities. Training in digital security and knowledge of various security tools and platforms available online, including encryption, IP blockers, VPNs, and anti-censorship software would make journalists and bloggers aware of the risks and the tools to protect themselves. In a dangerous and fluid security environment, every extra measure of safety could be critical to free these professionals to do their vital work safely and effectively.

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