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Human Rights

Mining Facebook for Advocacy

The New Zealand (two small islands located to the right of Australia) Amnesty Chapter recently launched an interesting website Trial by Timeline – to raise awareness that the rights we enjoy as citizens of countries like New Zealand (one of the freest countries on earth) aren’t available everywhere.

The use of crowdsourced mapping in human rights

What is—or ought—to be the role of technology in supporting human rights, and to what extent is technology a human right? Recent years have seen the evolution of a panoply of digital tools that allow users to bridge space and spread ideas, democratizing information that can have a critical impact in the social and political spheres.

Mesh-Casting News in the Port Harcourt Waterfronts

The Internews-sponsored Mesh-Casting pilot project is unique in the field of mesh technology in that it is free and open source, making it widely accessible. The Mesh pilot project builds on the work of the Serval Project, which has pioneered the development of open source software to create autonomous mesh-based voice and data networks among Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones.

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