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Seeding innovation: introducing new digital tools for Social change in Pakistan

This report describes the Islamabad Innovation Lab (IIL) held by Internews Network and Bytes for All (B4A) in October 2011 to explore and share the benefits of these technologies among new media experts, journalists, bloggers, CSO leaders, technology enthusiasts and developers. This report also summarizes communications findings from Internews research conducted before, during, and after the Lab. Funded by the Ploughshares Fund and the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning, this Lab was the first of its kind in Pakistan, and could serve as a useful model for future projects.

Innovating the Innovation Lab Model

There are many versions of the Innovation Lab model. Essentially though, the design is about coming together in small groups to plan and build a prototype that addresses a problem. The nature of the problem and the prototype will be framed by the Lab, and the Innovation Labs that Internews has been involved with--in Islamabad and Kabul in particular--aimed to produce prototype tools or applications that addressed a social issue or challenge.

How to build an app

When you're a coder making an app is not an easy task. When you're manager or jornalism it's almost impossible. Or not? Innovation Labs usually ask for the help of coders and require people with special skills. But what if you don't have a coder in the team and you really need this minimum viable product to be made and shown? These days there's a plenty of app builders there, let's review some of the most intersting tools. Everyone needs an app today.

One year with Innovation Labs -- why they matter

“There are few opportunities in Ukraine where social and internet entrepreneurs are brought together to work on tangible social problems and solutions, it just provokes innovative thinking.” ~ Christopher Wild, Chief of Party, Internews Network in Ukraine

Innovation Lab in Russia - the first TEST Camp

"Do it Yourself" - is a festival on civic activities. The most promising and innovative event I've seen in CIS that is pioneering social change and civic impact. As a part of it the first TESTCamp took place on May 12-13 in St. Petersburg.

Social Startup Cookbook

There are so many apps out there that are about workouts, cooking and other personal guidance, but no apps for starting your own social business. Innovation Lab in Ukraine turned out to be a good opportunity to develop a structured and complete guide to social entreprenurship. Most Innovation Lab attendies didn't manage social projects at all, others haven't heard about it. Fortunately, the Social Startup Cookbook appeared and help many things to become clear. 

Innovation Lab in Ukraine

Community is a powerful thing. Most of the greatest things that happened in US - are individually or community funded. Even the State of Liberty. Ater this great period the governement grew older and bigger covering almost any municipal changes in the state or states. Now social change is happenning. It's not about demographics or regulations - those remain the same. People want social change to happen and gain more control and participation. Intentions are different, motivation is different.


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