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ICTs and Children - is there a need for an ICT4C(hildren) field?

Tons of discussions, panels, and conferences are happening around the broader topic of ICT4D. But Development as a general topic cannot be used and considered as one generic field. Education, migration, health, media, government, infrastructures and so on, are all part of it and themselves very different field. The question though remains: is that possible to develop generic guidelines for the use of ICTs in all those fields, or would it be better to develop specific guidelines for each one of them?

Grassroots in Russia and GovServices

Russia has always been a leader in the region in many things. One of them is crime and unprotected citizens - seriously, after turbulent 90th many things have changed, but the governance still remains imperfect. While there are a lot of apps and websites aimed at making city life better, there's a new wave of civic monitoring tools that are focused on monitoring and increasing the quality of services provided by authorities. There are several famous ones, so let's get into details and find out if they really work in post-soviet country. 

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