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At the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning we believe in using collective knowledge and best practices as resources to eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel. Our Innovation Advisors are constantly investigating the latest tools and innovative projects to share with the media development community through their blogs.

  • Story Maps

    Geographic information systems (GIS) often has the reputation of being inaccessible, and lacking technical expertise, organizations often have a hard time creating geo-based stories. That is about to change: with Story Maps, storytelling through maps has never been easier or more engaging.

  • How to kickstart innovation in one day: lessons from CauseLabs

    On April 3, we hungout with T.J. Cook, the CEO of CauseLabs. For over 10 years, CauseLabs has empowered great causes to move successfully from idea to execution through workshops and full digital product development breakthroughs. Through their own "Lab Days," CauseLabs has also shown that one day is all it takes to kickstart innovation. 

  • What's the connection between SMS and data security?

    On March 21, Sean McDonald of the Social Impact Lab gave a presentation on one of their products, FrontlineSMS. FrontlineSMS is a tool that collects data and monitors communication via SMS. It can track community interaction and manage records in a way that allows the user to see data trends.