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«Do lectures» - learning from changemakers

At the heart of «Do lectures» is a simple idea - people changing the world giving lectures to inspire others. 

Ideas change everything.

Each year, the organizers invite people to «Do lectures» to talk about what they do. This may be a small business or a large business, or a very strange case, but these are the stories that inspire you to get up and start doing something too - to find a cause to fight for, establish a company, invent a new product, or write a book. 

Lecturers and lectures

On «Do lectures», you can find speeches from more than 150 lecturers, including the Deputy Editor of WIRED UK, a consultant on social media, a beekeeper, the co-founder of Kickstarter, and a former Buddhist monk. For convenience, lectures are divided into several categories: topics (environment, technology, etc.) and the nature of the speech (informative, inspirational, etc.). 

Nominate a lecturer

Throughout the year, the organizers choose lecturers by reading articles and blogs, listening to Twitter and, of course, tracking the opinion of the audience. Anyone can nominate a lecturer at the site.


The site has a collection of inspirational literature on various subjects - books on business, creativity, environment, nutrition, sports, technology, and other subjects. 

There is also “The Do Book Company,” an independent publishing house that publishes books from lecturers featured on «Do lectures». 


Since «Do lectures» is a non-profit organization, one way of helping her pay the bills is buying one of the inspirational posters sold in the online store. If you do not want a poster, you can simply make a donation to the development of the project. 


«Do lectures» organizes a non-conference and festivals. The organizers have found it difficult to determine the format of the event, but they believe that this is not a bad thing - offer inspirational speeches, local food, great performances from (yet) unknown bands, various workshops - all on one site. The event will be held in California; the fee is $2,500. The event is very small, so the number of participants is limited - apply to purchase tickets on the site.