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Open Budget Initiative: Getting Closer to Reality

The transition from open data to open government can often be a slow process in countries without a history of healthy civic engagement. As a response to this challenge, Internews and the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine joined their efforts in helping local municipalities present budgets in a user-friendly format.

How can you visualize local budgets?

This question occupied minds of 15 Ivano-Frankivsk (Western Ukraine) activists, who took part in the 2-day workshop on April 3-4th. The training is part of the Initiative “Open Budget” implemented by UNDP and Internews in Ukraine. The participants were of different backgrounds, i.e. public activists, journalists, CSO workers and employees of state financial department.

Ukraine: visualizing and analyzing municipal budget

The goal of this pilot is to support at least three municipal communities in Ukraine in designing effective digital tools for budget visualization and analysis, sustaining them over time and ensuring effective collaboration between the municipality, local journalists, and civil society to ultimately make municipal budgets, as well as the decision-making process, more transparent and participatory.

"Catapult" - a crowdfunding platform supporting girls and women

The creators of Catapult believe in gender equality. Unfortunately, this is far from reality for the many women around the world who live in difficult conditions.

At the same time, organizations involved in projects dedicated to women receive half as much funding as other non-profit organizations. The aim of Catapult is to change this. With our help, Catapult aims to solve the problem of gender inequality around the world.

5 applications for journalists to visit blocked sites

In 2012, Russia adopted a law that allows the government to block any website without a court order. For 2013, the Russian government has blocked access to 2500 wesites, including the resources that publish information about officials who have been caught taking bribes, for example.

I believe that censorship is evil, no matter what kind of white clothes it wears. We also understand that journalists require access to different sources of information for their work.

Deriban.Net Uses Crowdsourced Mapping to Expose Land Violations in Ukraine

The problem

According to the Ukrainian constitution, every citizen is entitled to own a piece of land. The process through which to claim land is a basic one. All a person has to do is find a piece that isn’t being used and ask the government to give it to them. Once this request is submitted the government has 30 days to make a decision. While this process might be plausible in rural areas of the country, in popular places the law is highly disregarded and abused. Land to the people!

“The land belongs to the people.” This is not political slogan but rather the motto of Deriban, an online project in Ukraine that emerged from the Internews Social Innovation Camp held in the summer of 2011. In Ukraine, as in many other post-soviet countries, land distribution among citizens is often plagued by corruption and other legal violations.  But using crowdsourcing tools, civic activists are now able to send reports about violations to the Deriban platform for publication.


The first distance learning course on visual journalism: lessons learned

In July 2013, the inaugural group of journalists completed "Introduction to Visual Journalism," an interactive distance learning course for journalists created and launched by Internews. This article is based on the results of this first group.

City Bugs - citizens feedback mechanism in Armenia is a platform where anyone can talk about communal and related unsolved problems in the city or Yerevan, and make suggestions or propose innovative ideas to improve their communities.


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