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How Project Glass may change the future of journalism

It takes exactly 2 minutes and a half to understand how cool Project Glass is. After watching the demo video there's no doubt that this piece of gear is worth precious $1,500 for those who believe in the future. Presented at Google I/O this recent development is already highly demanded even without any started production. Many experts predict big future for Project Glass as a number one attachment to any smartphone on the market. There are a lot of applied uses of this piece of gear too. Some say that it may be used in automobiles for navigation and road signs trasmitted directly to your eye, or in sports for your comfortable hot dog pick up without missing the score. Journalism as a science and industry highly impregnated with technology couldn't miss this thing and dream about the world becoming more transparent and informed at the same time. 


Filling the gap between who you need to make reporting good and who you usually have at the site is always awkward as you don't have right people to make shooting, the camera was in the bag and you missed the right moment, or you were stuck in traffic and couldn't be there in time. Now it's all gone. Please sit down and get ready for the notes from a day of the Project Glass Journalism. 

 Concept Note #1

You see what they see. Clip your eyes and get perfect images. Focus on what you need to get better videos. Now there's no question of an interviewee "where should I look: at you or in the camera?". Many years passed but people still don't feel comfortable in front of the camera. Now it's not an issue anymore. Look in interviewee's eyes and let him do the same. 

 Concept Note #2

Live reporting with no wires. There's no more need to do stupid stand ups with a reporter showing his presence in front of a burning house. Get into the image - take your viewer closer with "show and tell" from a first person. This allows to thrill and create more personalized news. 

 Concept Note #3

You see what they see again. What about sharing and exporting? Ustream should be the first app to land on Project Glass app store. Just imagine 50,000 football fans watching one game and sharing the video stream of what they see… Live. This allows anyone to create TV channel at once. 

 Concept Note #4 

Mashing up. Dealing with those shared video streams may lead to new results, such as stream surfing. It's like chat roulette on steroids. Random lives, virtual worlds… Crazy perspective, but it's a new wave of video bloggers and personal media. Need a tour around the city or a good story? Yes, now storytellers of the world will feel much better. 

 Concept Note #5

Business of media. Subscriptions and micro-payments is the future. No more advertising. Here's the usecase. After an announcement that John goes to the rally the next day he didn't get any subscriptions, but Harry, famous TV host, got a lot of money after his announcement that he is going to attend the rally, report and capture his sabotage or protest there. Competition and micro-payments.

 The brain starts to move when this thoughts appear in the head. This device may lead to a revolution in the industry and change it completely. This is a brief overview of how the world of journalist may exist in the future. This list may be endless, but only the future will show what kind of appliances the Project Glass will find viable.