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Humanitarian Information

Providing life-saving information and establishing two-way communication flows with communities affected by crises.

ICCM13 - Internews organizing a full day about research and technology

The International Conference of Crisis Mappers (ICCM) is one of leading humanitarian technology event of the year, bringing together the most important humanitarian, human rights, development and media organizations with the world's best technology companies, software developers and academics. The theme for ICCM 2013: “Humanitarian Technology Innovation In and Out of Africa.” It will highlight humanitarian innovation and technology in and outside Africa to cross-fertilize lessons learned & best practices.


The purpose of the CrowdGlobe project is to study various crowdsourced-mapping platforms, searching for data patterns that can tell us more about the functions of these tools and their limits as well as potentials.

Humanitarian Data Toolkit Final Report

The first phase of the Humanitarian Data Toolkit (HDT) experimentation is over, and we are already working on improvements and refinements for the next iteration. The HDT was piloted under a Lean Startup model, experimenting with a relatively rough prototype as the beginning of a process of testing and iterative development. A recently released report documents the journey of the pilot – based on our experience, working as a collaborative team testing out the effectiveness of doing an information needs assessment with the HDT in Dadaab, Kenya.

Mining Facebook for Advocacy

The New Zealand (two small islands located to the right of Australia) Amnesty Chapter recently launched an interesting website Trial by Timeline – to raise awareness that the rights we enjoy as citizens of countries like New Zealand (one of the freest countries on earth) aren’t available everywhere.

DIY radio - building a radio out of an MP3 reader

On 2012 Internews started a pilot project in the MENA region to attempt to see whether it was possible to create some sort of DIY radio using existing equipment easily available in a normal store or supermarket. The underlying ideas was to see if, in case of emergency, it is possible for people to create and build by themselves a transmitter to be used to provide important information to the local population.

The learning curve

Graphing the number of mobile surveys and paper surveys completed during each day of the pilot shows a clear improvement in the enumerators’ data collection capabilities.


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