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Humanitarian Information

Providing life-saving information and establishing two-way communication flows with communities affected by crises.

Dadaab: using mobile technology for large surveys in emergency settings

In August 2011, Internews led a joint communication and information needs assessment with Radio Ergo / International Media Support (IMS) and Star FM of Kenya, with significant support from the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). This assessment aimed at understanding the information needs of refugees in Dadaab and exploring ways to improve the flow of communication between refugees, aid agencies and host communities.


Captricity webpage

Captricity is a web-based service for digitizing paper documents that contain human-entered or other unique symbolic data. Whether it is a two-page survey filled out by 300 people or 20,000 forms in a foreign language, Captricity can digitalize the data and make them available in an excell spreadsheet without having to enter them manually one by one. 

Internews' Humanitarian Information Projects and ACAPS to launch a DNA Mobile App

Last year Internews launched an internal call for application to develop a mobile application for one of the Internews offices. The winner of the competition was the Internews' Humanitarian Information Projects and the Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS) proposal, which proposed a mobile application to improve the information available to first responders in crisis contexts.

Crowdfunding of charitable projects

Crowdfunding is fenomenal and found itself efficient in US and EU. Projects like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo are experiencing renassance now. And it's time for developing countries to show the potential. As there's no robust startup business in Eurasia yet, but rather an over-developed startup culture, these kind of projects exist in a whole new way. International experience comes to Russian internet space and here's how.

Here's a detailed translation of Daria Alekseeva's presentation with comments - the concept of crowdfunding in Russia in a 30-something slides. Enjoy!

BarCamp in Armenia - media shows the road to civic consciousness

BarCamp is a classic unconference that is all about internet and interesting projects in communication. The format takes conference to the next level by giving an opportunity to delegates to fill in the agenda with their talks on the day of conference. What is interesting about Armenian BarCamp lies in the themes of presentations - most of them are about uniting internet and civic movements. Initiative group of young leaders is the organizer. 


Piwik logo

Many organizations and projects need to get feedback on who is visiting their websites or accessing their documents online in order to understand how well they are doing and almost always these organizations choose Google Analytics as the tool. There are times when using Google Analytics is not appropriate, but you still want to track your visitors, and for those times you might consider Piwik.


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