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Inspiration and Project Goal

This pilot is inspired by an innovative multi-dimensional training workshop that was delivered to a group of journalists from Myanmar.  This workshop focused on the subject of energy, and included opportunities to listen to and question key energy stakeholders, a multi-day field program, networking and sharing ideas with peers and veteran journalists, visits to industrial estates and powerplants which most Myanmar journalists have never seen firsthand, hearing a variety of perspectives and approaches towards the energy issue, and having impromptu experiences and opportunities such as visiting a community radio station.

While it may not be possible to provide the richness of the above-mentioned workshop through the pilot game, especially within the budget and timeframe – we want to explore if the game medium can effectively deliver a multi-dimensional learning experience.

The overall goal of the project is to explore and evaluate the use of the game medium to transform, reinvigorate and extend the effectiveness of delivering learning experiences and training to emerging and junior journalists.