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Humanitarian Data Toolkit

The Pilot Project “Humanitarian Data Toolkit” is a collaboration between ModiLabs, Captricity and the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning. The project aims at creating a data gathering toolkit working both with mobile phones and paper based surveys, to allow organizations to deploy within 24 hours an already packaged up kit to gather, digitize and analyze information during emergencies.

The learning curve

Graphing the number of mobile surveys and paper surveys completed during each day of the pilot shows a clear improvement in the enumerators’ data collection capabilities.

The field testing is complete

We are in our last day in Dadaab; just a few more hours until our release from the barbed-wire gates of the DMO compound back into the world.

There is no place like home

We had an unexpected wrinkle with one of the survey questions, a wrinkle that brings to the surface some of the basic challenges that always underlie the process of doing surveys. The question was meant to gather some quick background information - a necessary quick preliminary step before moving on to the real heart of the survey - which assesses people’s information needs.

Day 2 of data collection, A recap of the last week

So we have been here a week already, in the Dadaab DMO. Until next Monday, we are here. The DMO is basically a compound full of compounds, or a fortress for compounds, if you like. There is a UNHCR compound and then NGO compounds – among the biggest NGOs here are CARE, Save the Children, IOM, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and the Danish Refugee Council.

The imperfection of pilots

Dadaab was chosen as the location for the pilot of the new toolkit precisely so that the kinks in the toolkit could be worked out in a situation that is similar to, but less dire than, the immediate aftermath of a humanitarian crisis. If anything goes majorly wrong, our troubleshooting will not impede anyone’s ability to respond to a crisis.


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