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Humanitarian Data Toolkit

The Pilot Project “Humanitarian Data Toolkit” is a collaboration between ModiLabs, Captricity and the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning. The project aims at creating a data gathering toolkit working both with mobile phones and paper based surveys, to allow organizations to deploy within 24 hours an already packaged up kit to gather, digitize and analyze information during emergencies.

Tuning up the humanitarian survey instrument

Since late November, we have been refining the questionnaire for the Humanitarian Information Needs Assessment (HINA) survey. After pilot testing and revisions, this will become the standard survey that Internews deploys in all of our humanitarian work.

Humanitarian Data Toolkit: the initial research design

As we always do, the Internews Center for Innovation and Learning is also designing a research component for our pilot project, the "Humanitarian Data Toolkit." This research project is quite complex, as it is necessary to understand the actual efficacy of the toolkit we are designing, key lessons learned, suggestions for next steps, and more.

Research Elements

There are two main categories of research inputs for the HDT pilot: 


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