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Sensor Journalism

This pilot project will be implemented by the Internews Earth Journalism Network Project to experiment with existing sensor technologies to develop new sensor platforms that fill in the gaps between data collectors and analysts, and the journalists who communicate complex ideas to a public audience on a regular basis, by developing distributed networks of sensors in two different locations.

DustDuino on the Move

Have you ever wondered if holding your breath when a cloud of black smoke billows out a truck’s tailpipe is a healthy idea?
It’s probably not a bad idea, but you might be doing less than you think: the most harmful pollutant to human health is not one that can be seen by the naked eye.

Environmental Sensor Journalism: the start

These days, it seems like data is all around us. But for many journalists, especially those working in developing countries, coverage of sensitive environmental issues is severely constrained by a lack of accessible information. What’s more, reliable information is difficult to collect in certain ecosystems, such as the Amazon rainforest or Ganges Delta, that are in constant flux.

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