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  • Land to the people!

    “The land belongs to the people.” This is not political slogan but rather the motto of Deriban, an online project in Ukraine that emerged from the Internews Social Innovation Camp held in the summer of 2011. In Ukraine, as in many other post-soviet countries, land distribution among citizens is often plagued by corruption and other legal violations.  But using crowdsourcing tools, civic activists are now able to send reports about violations to the Deriban platform for publication.


  • Nova Mama

    Nova Mama is a community website for young moms in Belarus. The project is based on a solution to the absense of specialized local websites and niche media that could cover this topic. Today in Belarus there's no source to turn to when a pregnant woman is looking for advice or has a question. Nova Mama is aimed at both young moms and pregnant women. Expert community of Nova Mama website gives answers to the most of questions. Also there's a plenty of interactive features like forum, blogs and social profiles, that let young moms communicate with each other.