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  • DIY radio - building a radio out of an MP3 reader

    On 2012 Internews started a pilot project in the MENA region to attempt to see whether it was possible to create some sort of DIY radio using existing equipment easily available in a normal store or supermarket. The underlying ideas was to see if, in case of emergency, it is possible for people to create and build by themselves a transmitter to be used to provide important information to the local population.

  • Research explores the use of citizen journalism by mainstream media during the Arab Spring

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    In recent years new media has enabled the rise of citizen journalism, creating an alternative source of information for the public and complicating the ethical code for traditional media as they incorporate social media sources into their own reporting. Citizen journalists have played an active role in the Arab revolutions by collecting, curating and disseminating first-hand accounts of revolutionary activity, often in areas where mainstream media does not have access.