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TERC app seeks to raise awareness and knowledge of digital security issues in Asia

The secure journalist research project aims to answer the question: How can we mainstream or normalise digital security practice among journalists and citizen journalists? 

The Center for Innovation and Learning is developing an app called "TERC" that obscures interviewees faces as a "hook" to attract journalists interested in digital security to a web page dedicated to digital security.

The project website prototype ( engages journalists and citizen journalists and builds a community of interest around digital security. The project will also seek input and participation by media freedom watchdog groups to develop and circulate a series of online surveys to capture changes in awareness of and needs for digital security.  These partners will also help raise awareness of this critical risk facing the media community and drive traffic to the site.

This project is still ongoing and the app is still in the process of being secured and finalized. The Center advice everyone that wants to use it to test it and send feedback using the Apple Store forms. The Center also advice not to use the Application in real cases yet, unless a release specifically highlight that the App is ready for secure usage.

Pilot Project: