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Blurb is a tool that lets you create a photo book. It's ideal if you have the intention of selling the end result. The photo book can be created using Blurb's online tool, or by downloading an application for Mac or PC platforms. There is also a plug-in for Adobe Indesign - for those who want more control over design detail.

The software system is relatively easy to use to create a photo book. However, the system does not generate a PDF. The only way to get hold of the finished book is to order it.

Blurb is ideal for documenting a special event - like the Afghanistan Youth Festival, and depending on the nature of the content, there is a possibility that selling the photo books may generate an income stream for the creator.

Available expertise: 

The Afghan Youth Voices Festival produced a Blurb book. For more, contact Festival Director Indu Nepal.

Key Features: 
Enables layout of a photo book and the ability to produce small print runs for a fee.
Suitable for: 
Creating photo books that have a relatively simple layout; documenting projects for a donor
Not suitable for: 
It's not possible to generate PDF outputs or eBooks and for sophisticated layouts, Adobe Indesign is required.
Time commitment: 
You will need a couple of hours to put a basic photo book together.
Technical expertise needed: 
Ability to use a browser
Cost considerations: 
Cost depends on how many hard-copy books you purchase. Using the software is free.
Best Practices: 
Evaluate who the target audience is and reality check whether or not they would really spend on purchasing the photo-book. Ensure that there is a marketing strategy before embarking on creating a book.
Lessons learned: 
Don't expect hundreds of sales.