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Captricity webpage

Captricity is a web-based service for digitizing paper documents that contain human-entered or other unique symbolic data. Whether it is a two-page survey filled out by 300 people or 20,000 forms in a foreign language, Captricity can digitalize the data and make them available in an excell spreadsheet without having to enter them manually one by one. 

Using Catricity it is possible to upload a blank version of the form to process, then mark up the parts of that form to be digitized. Once the formshave been filled on teh ground, it is possible to upload images of the filled-out forms: captricty allows for forms to be captured by scanning the forms directly or just taking pictures of them with amobile phone. After that the entire data set can be compiled and downloaded a CSV. It is also to browse the digitized data alongside the original form images, to spot-check the quality of the work done - and evantually correct mistakes. 

Key Features: 
digitalization of paper forms; storage of paper forms in digitalized format; uploading paper forms as pictures
Suitable for: 
large paper based surveys that needs to be digitalized quickly; standard surveys repeated over time; multiple answers questions surveys
Time commitment: 
Not suitable for: 
small surveys; open questions surveys
Technical expertise needed: 
Low for what it concerns the data gathering, and medium when it comes to upload data on a computer as pictures
Cost considerations: 
20 cents per page, with up to 50 fields per page. For pages that contain over 50 fields, add a half-cent per additional field over 50 to the cost per page.