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Development Seed mapping system

Development Seed works predominantly in the international development space, leading open source research and development initiatives and related strategic consulting engagements with partners and clients. In addition to the international development focus, the technology capabilities and experience — especially in geographic mapping â€” is leading DS to work with a range of government agencies and private sector companies throughout project lifecycles, from ideation and strategic planning through product development from opening up large sets of economic development indicators,visualizing survey data and mapping drone strikes in Pakistan, monitoring the reconstruction efforts in Haiti, or processing election results in Afghanistan, DS team works to solve tough data, mapping, and communications challenges in the field. (Taken from the Development Seed Website)

Key Features: 
Mapping, visualization of percentages and analysis, as well as event based data. The tool is highly customizable according to desire.
Suitable for: 
Projects that aims at producing maps of phenomenons or events
Not suitable for: 
Real time information mapping
Time commitment: 
Medium: the maps can be entirely created by the organization or created autonomously using MapBox
Technical expertise needed: 
To update and customize the map a high level expertise is requested
Cost considerations: 
Depending on customization requested and if the map is created by the DS or by the IN office