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FormHub is a data collection tool for mobile phones. The system allows people to create paper based forms on an excell spreadsheet and then transfer them into a mobile phone. Enumerators are then able to collected data directly on their mobile phones and send it to a central repository system that will then aggregate the data together, ready to be analyzed. The software allows for people to author surveys quickly and easily in Excel and have instant access on their Android phone. The forms can be easily distributed on an Android device or on the web, so no data connection is needed. Ultimately it is possible to visualize the data as it is collected, and gain understanding of it using insights tools provided by FormHub. 

Available expertise: 

Excel spreadsheet and android phones 

Key Features: 
data collection, data analysis, data gathering
Global Issues: 
Suitable for: 
data collection, aggregation and analisys
Time commitment: 
Understand the system and create the survey: high; use the system once the survey has been created and managing the data collected: low
Not suitable for: 
small datasets
Technical expertise needed: 
High in the initial phase, due to the needed understanding of using excel to create the survey, but low after the system is understood and for the managing of the data collection/analysis system
Cost considerations: 
The system is completely free