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Freedom Fone

The Freedom Fone platform enables automated, interactive two-way information to be shared through mobile phone networks via SMS and voice. It is accessible, user-friendly, low-cost, scalable, global and does not require Internet access for users and callers alike. Freedom Fone targets ordinary mobile phone users and takes advantage of IVR: Interactive Voice Response or audio voice menus. Other functionality includes SMS, Polls and Leave-a-Message. Freedom Fone is easy to manage via a user-friendly, browser based interface. It is quick to setup and maintain and does not require a great deal of technical know-how.

(the above description is taken from the Freedom Fone website:

Available expertise: 

See Innovation Advisor Anahi Ayala Iacucci for this tool. 

Key Features: 
IVR system
Suitable for: 
Creating voice systems in areas where there is no internet. To give and collect information
Time commitment: 
Medium: setting up the system requires some time on workflow and design
Not suitable for: 
Areas where phone calls are still very costly or no phone network is unreliable
Technical expertise needed: 
No web developer is needed
Cost considerations: 
The software is free and open source, but costs associated with the analysis of the audio files needs to be considered