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Example of GeoFeedia mapping display
Geofeedia is an aggregator of social media information by location criteria.  Geofeedia can be used to find publicly available, geo-tagged social media information using advanced search and map tools. The tools can be used by journalists to quickly find and curate social media content from locations where breaking news are happening. The tool also allows to find unique photos and video tagged in a specific location. Geofeedia also provides advanced API which supports ATOM/RSS, JSON and GeoRSS response formats.
To test the system, it is possible to request a trial account.


Key Features: 
curation of social media content as map and as collage; filtering of social media content; sharing of aggregated content
Suitable for: 
Curation of media content and aggregation
Time commitment: 
Not suitable for: 
extended filtering of content and analisys
Technical expertise needed: 
Cost considerations: 
The system is free and the website provide all the instructions on how to use it; ned internet to be used