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Groundcrew is a platform for coordinative text messaging to run field operations, volunteering, or events. Groundcrew offers features that non-profits, businesses, local communities, and individuals can use to mobilize support, simplify logistics, motivate actions, and respond quickly as situations arise. The software allows for rally community members around a particular issue, gather them in real life squads, mobilize and address these squads in real-time, coordinate them spatially, as individuals or in groups.

(from GroundCrew website)

Key Features: 
Support the creation of group of interest and community mobilization and organization of collective actions
Suitable for: 
Internet based collective action management
Time commitment: 
Not suitable for: 
Bulk SMS to undefined target and offline community mobilization
Technical expertise needed: 
Cost considerations: 
The system is free but the cost of the SMSs is according to provider