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Managing News

Managing News originated as a news aggregation and republishing platform heavily integrated with RSS/Atom. Users can track a diverse set of RSS/Atom feeds, visualize them, and republish selected reports on a platform that allows for mapping and pluggable visualizations. Managing News has subsequently added SMS functionality to the system. The system is based on Drupal, and integrates several open source projects including OpenLayers, SimplePie, and many Drupal plug-ins.

(from Managing News Website)

Available expertise: 

Sam da Silva

Key Features: 
Aggregate RSS/Atom news; Show news as list or on a map; Search news; Republish news by bundling articles into channels; Configurable location tagging; Configurable maps
Suitable for: 
Projects that are looking for the display of news coming from multiple online sources
Time commitment: 
High at the beginning and low once the system is in place
Not suitable for: 
Projects where sources of information are not online
Technical expertise needed: 
Drupal developer
Cost considerations: 
The software is free but the technical expetise for the implementation needs to be taken into consideration when calculating the costs of using the system