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mSurvey uses SMS texting features on mobile phones to help designers, engineers, governments, NGOs, and researchers around the world to get community input that is usually very difficult to get. mSurvey is used by local community members in collaboration with non-governmental organizations [NGOs], agencies, and local governments to carry-out assessment, evaluation, and documentation within communities. mSurvey digs deeper for data by accessing conditions in urban and rural areas in developing regions using mobile technologies tailored for the demographic. Due to the lack of the technological infrastructure in developing countries, it is a difficult and sometimes an impossible task to get the significant data needed.

Key Features: 
Create multi-question surveys that can be accessed via SMS text message on regular mobile phones
Suitable for: 
short surveys that need to be implemented in inaccesible areas where there is a good mobile network coverage
Time commitment: 
Long time: mSurvey is set up by its team, by making agreement with mobile providers
Not suitable for: 
long surveys in areas where the mobile coverage is not reliable and no agreement with mobile providers
Technical expertise needed: 
The system does not require any previous tech knowledge
Cost considerations: 
The cost of the system is related to the cost of SMS given by the Mobile provider