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Many organizations and projects need to get feedback on who is visiting their websites or accessing their documents online in order to understand how well they are doing and almost always these organizations choose Google Analytics as the tool. There are times when using Google Analytics is not appropriate, but you still want to track your visitors, and for those times you might consider Piwik.

Piwik aims to be a Free software alternative to Google Analytics; Piwik is a downloadable, self-hosted, real time web analytics software program. It provides you with detailed reports on your website visitors.

Real time web analytics reports

Analytics services usually have a delay in reporting on your website visitors. Because Piwik is hosted by you and because Piwik is usually just installed for you, you can almost real-time information.

You own your web analytics data

If your website statistics are too sensitive to send to a 3rd party, consider hosting Piwik yourself.

Vibrant international Open community

Do you have a need that isn't available with a default Piwik installation? Find, and pay, the people who can make you the features you need.

Advanced Web Analytics capabilities

Just because you are using Open Source software doesn't mean you have to give up features: goals, segmentation, and other ecommerce features are available.

Available expertise: 

Samir Nassar is available for questions, advice, installation and configuration assistance.

You can also find recommended professional Piwik consulting services.

Key Features: 
open source Google Analytics alternative providing real-time website access feedback
Suitable for: 
Any website: mobile, regular, short term, institutional
Time commitment: 
You can get up and running to use this tool in a project in about one hour
Technical expertise needed: 
Needs someone with exp
Cost considerations: 
Custom development and setup costs money
Best Practices: 
Make sure you have a SSL certificate for the web host running Piwik.
Lessons learned: 
It helps to work with someone who has installed Piwik at least once and is comfortable asking questions.