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SMSsync is a simple SMS to HTTP sync utility. The mobile app turns any Android phone into a local SMS gateway that syncs to the web. SMSsync supports filtering text messages by keywords and can transmit the text message to a configured callback URL via HTTP POST request. The application basically allows you to use your android phone to filter, dispach and forward SMS to other phones, websites or platforms.

(from the SMSsync Website)

Available expertise: 

Anahi Ayala Iacucci

Key Features: 
sms aggregator and HTTP forward
Suitable for: 
aggregating SMS and send them to a website
Not suitable for: 
very large amount of incoming and outgoing SMS
Time commitment: 
Technical expertise needed: 
low for the use of the app but quite high for the sync with the website
Cost considerations: 
The mobile app is free. SMSs are paid according to provider