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Souktel is a web-based application/web service. It can be managed online or by SMS from a mobile handset--so people in different locations can all use it together and it is not tied to a single computer and handset. It's SMS-based, so it works on any basic phone handset. It's connected directly to national mobile network gateways, so partners can send thousands of messages instantly without problems. No USB modems required. It's custom-built to meet specific project needs: We work directly with partners to integrate apps into your website, your project activities, and your community. It's developed by people in crisis zones, for people in crisis zones: All apps are created in Palestine for use in Gaza, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and other hard-to-access regions.  It's deliberately designed for Arabic-script languages like Standard Arabic, Urdu, Kurdish and Farsi (but all apps work in English script too).

(from the Souktel Website)

Available expertise: 

Anahi Ayala Iacucci

Key Features: 
Sending and receiving SMS, grouping SMS, creating pools and surveys via SMS
Suitable for: 
survey SMS systems, large amount of incoming and outgoing SMS, analysis of SMS
Not suitable for: 
small scale SMS systems and out of the box systems, environment where management group does not have internet capacity
Time commitment: 
low on terms os usage of the system, medium in terms of training, and high when it comes to the setting up (normally done by Souktel directly)
Technical expertise needed: 
Minimum since the Souktel team set it up for you
Cost considerations: 
The price of the use of the system varies according to the magnitude of the system, the SMS to be sent, the level of analysis and customization requested